Apples In the Museum|Aug 2022

Throughout May and June in 2022, I explored numerous museums and exhibitions. At times, the abundance of information became overwhelming. It felt akin to an apple on a table (refer to the spot illustration on the right) – seemingly ordinary, yet leaving one at a loss for words. Similarly, amidst the current era of information saturation, I find myself grappling with a similar bewilderment regarding contemporary art. Some jest that contemporary art is merely a guise for money laundering. How, then, can we truly appreciate art in this context?

This pondering served as the catalyst for my inspiration, prompting me to visually represent this concept through a series of illustrations. I aimed to unravel the complexity of understanding art, using the apple as a symbolic representation. This project comprises three illustrations, all echoing the same sense of perplexity. My intention is not only to explore and deconstruct the symbolism of the apple as art but also to stimulate contemplation and invite insights from others.